<aside> 🧳 Next destination proposal: 🇹🇷 🇬🇪 🇺🇦 🇮🇷 Dagestan


👀 Problem

I have not had a long-term monogamous dates for a while. I keep going a tiny one or two to three dates but we didn’t click…

💭 What might it feel like to date me

Heya, my name is Chris. I am bisexual leaning mostly straight. I came from a quasi-traditional catholic family but have since left the religion. I am a Geospatial Data Scientist by trade and a Tech and Effective Altruism enthusiasts. I like geospatial data, maps, glacial geomorphology, culture and languages, and AI. I am currently working in the intersection of Nuclear Risk Resilience, Food Security and Supply Chain, and AI. I like to volunteer my time for EA and humanitarian tech causes when not working. Very much a morning person ☀️. Love individual sports which I can challenge myself against myself. I am unfortunately musically and artistically challenged however :/



Height 5’3
Weight 50 kg
Body Athletic
Vice Pro drugs, seldomly smoke, social drinker

◾ Values

My values ranges are your classic socially liberal and economically moderate. I believe in Geolibetarianism and controlled capitalism but not necessarily overly neoliberal. I believe that people owning assets can free themselves from government control and that true freedom lies in ability to have easy cross border trades and labour market. Socially, I am pro freedom, pro drugs, pro nuclear, pro LGBTQ. One of the thing I hate the most is border controls, I cringe everytime I had to walk through one and answer questions. I will probably not date immigration officers.


| Political | • Center-left • Pro-democratic • Socially liberal, economically moderate | | --- | --- | | Social | • Fuck borders, visas, and arbitrary lines drawn on physical boundaries • Pro-LGBTQ • Pro-drugs | | Economical and environmental | • Pro-globalisation • Capitalism lifted many from poverty neoliberalism could be reign back a little • More energy, more nuclear, there might be an inflection point where geo-engineering might actually be more ethical… | | Family | • Don’t want biological kids • Pragmatic anti-natalist (better to adopt, but no plans to) • Want and need multiple homes around the world |

<aside> 🚨 Visas, immigrations, refugees policies, and barriers to freedom of movement will be one worst 21st century moral injustice. Humanity will look back in disgust.